gratitude, humanism

More than Enough

In 12-step recovery, gratitude is called an action word.  A pay-it-forward verb that manifests in service to someone or something beyond myself.  It is not just a list or a journal entry, though for many people, that is when awareness of appreciation starts.

Gratitude implies awareness – a sudden awakening of all that is available to me. It is the beginning of being enough.

More, More, More

Society is constantly telling us we need more. More of everything – more money, more love, more time, more attention, more clothes, another purse, a better car, a bigger house in a better neighborhood. Surely, if we can just get there, just get a little more, we will have enough.

But attaining the “more” simply resets the cycle. We have been taught to live as if we can never have enough, never be enough – we must always be striving to get the next thing.  There is little gratitude in that manner of living. More is always about me.

Who decides what’s enough?

My outside circumstances have been challenging for quite a while. I have a lot of fear about material security.  Yet I know from my own experience that fear has a way of setting itself in motion – creating the every events I dread will occur.

Everywhere I can see how the never-ending need for more in one creates lack for another. Our culture is no longer sustainable. Something as simple as doing one thing at time is not enough. The more we seek is never for more than me, my family, my business, my life.

How would my life change if I had enough? If I stopped needing more?  It makes me wonder who decides when I have enough. Could it actually be me?  What if right now, this very moment,  I decided I had more than enough?

I would have plenty to share.  Plenty of love, time and kindness. Plenty of money, of clothes, of food.

With nothing to worry about, maybe I wouldn’t be so afraid?