Does Your Vote Matter?

It’s hard to write about politics these days without a sense of impending doom. Donald Trump’s associations, on political and business platforms, indicate a shift in culture that challenges hard-fought victories in civil rights and international relations.

America is reaching the pinnacle of patriarchal power. The corruption is systemic and well designed.  Donald Trump is a product of that disintegration, not the root cause.

Political office was conceived as public service. The Constitution was written by passionate men in the process of creating a new country.  Were they perfect men? Obviously not. Were they politicians? Yes.

But would they recognize that term as it applies today? I don’t think so.

Politicians aren’t public servants. They don’t represent the people they serve – geographically, economically, in terms of gender or ethnicity. They are servants of one thing –  winning at all costs.

The ends justify the means. Screaming of patriotism, both parties will sacrifice democracy itself. Because they alone are right. Because they know best. And if we can’t see that, they need to move us out of the way.

Their America has nothing to do with us.  We should leave it to them. They understand how these thing work. It is the political process itself – two old and bloated sumo wrestlers circling the stage – that is killing democracy like a cancer consuming its host.

The Democratic National Committee deliberately tried to scuttle Bernie Sander’s campaign when it became clear he was a real challenge to Hillary Clinton. The DNC “knew” who the best candidate was. They weren’t about to let voters get in the way of that.

The Republican Party, alleged defenders of the Constitution, decided the best strategy for winning was to keep certain people from voting.  From voter ID laws to voter roll purges to gerrymandered districts, they are protecting the validity of our elections. By minimizing the opposing vote.

We let them. We even help them.  We live in our little social media bubbles. We block anyone who doesn’t agree. We are part of the righteous, morally outraged by the idiots on the other side. Who by the way, couldn’t agree more with that approach. Idiots are everywhere. There is no dialogue, no attempts to find common ground.

Who would bother talking to an idiot?

Because in our little bubble – everyone agrees.  No diversity of thought is allowed.

  • If you voted for Bernie – you’re an angry white male.
  • If you voted for Hillary, you’re a RINO female voting with her vagina.
  • If you voted for Stein, you’re a child throwing a temper tantrum
  • If you voted for Trump, you are a racist.
  • If you didn’t vote, you voted for Trump (see above.)

So the next time you tell someone their vote matters – think about whether or not you actually mean it.  Or sooner or later, democracy as we know it, will be gone. The politicians will see to that.




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