Destroying the Affordable Care Act

I’m a liberal democrat. I voted for President both times. I believe in him. Hate to say it, but for me, Obamacare sucks.

Now before you stone me, at least hear me out. I live in North Carolina, a red state that refused to expand Medicaid. (Very Christian here on the tip of the Bible Belt. ) Second, I am self-employed after getting ground up by the recession, and sometimes struggle to make ends meet.

The cheapest premium I can get (with a tax credit) is about $40.00 a month. For a plan with a deductible of over $6000.  So unless I have a catastrophic health event, I won’t be going to the doctor any time soon.

It’s not the doctor visit – it’s lab work, the blood tests.  While I might be able to swing a hundred bucks for a check up twice a year – the tests kill me. I saw it years ago when I had breast cancer – the lab costs are insane.

So what’s the point?

There isn’t any.  People like me who really needed health insurance can’t afford to use it. And we get penalized for being poor.



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