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Clinton Loses |Trump Infilitrates

Hillary Clinton lost for a thousand reasons. You can pick the one you like – Jill Stein did it, the Russians did it, the DNC did it, the FBI did it, the alt-right did it, the media did it, the Bernie Bro’s did it – pick one or add your own.

White women didn’t turn out. Black voters didn’t engage. Millennials were too lazy or stupid to vote. The establishment forced her on voters. Hillary supporters were in denial. Liberals turned against the party.

Whatever. Clinton lost.  Bitching isn’t helping. Resentments and grudges are exactly what Trump hopes we’ll hold on to.

And don’t think there aren’t plants in your timeline to help keep them alive.

Democrats Eat Their Own

Campaigns are about winning, to such an extent that HOW they’re won isn’t an issue. That might be one reason for losing that never gets talked about.

Bought and paid for troll accounts were used by Democrats against Democrats…as a campaign strategy.  Users on Twitter, Reddit and Facebook who supported an alternative candidate were confronted and attacked.

The alternatives responded in kind. Hillbots and HillShills were delusional. Clinton can’t win. Clinton is a corrupt neo-con. #NeverHillary became a hashtag and still the nastiness continued. Right-wing talking points on HRC suddenly had credibility.

By the convention, Dems were blocking each other on Twitter faster than Donald Trump could tweet something stupid.

We need to cut that shit out.  Here’s how to unblock people you fought in the primary feuds.I am going to start doing that today and see if we can get back to common ground.

Trump Moles Capitalize

It’s time to start taking a good hard look at the folks in our timelines who are trying to keep those feuds alive.  Yesterday, an alleged Dem’s “Never Trump” account tweeted how Sander’s supporters were actually supporting Trump on Russian intel.

Asked to share them…**crickets**

Interestingly enough, his timeline has tons of references to the accusations…all made by him or what he’s RT’d. None of the alleged tweets are found?

Oh he’s got the all the right liberal talking points – plenty of hashtag credibility. So when he drops those divisive little tweets, fanning the flames that divide and conquer, no one doubts it for a second.

Which is exactly how infiltrating the other side works.

Don’t participate. Don’t follow. Don’t listen.


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