Politics, Resistance

My Op-Ed Addiction

The same stories roll through my Twitter timeline, another day of doom and gloom. We are amazed, astounded, outraged by the President’s actions. By Congress’ lack of action.

Journalists report the stories, bloggers repeat them by capturing screen grabs and pasting pictures of tweets. The theme overall: my country is going to hell and there are no superheroes who will save us.

I remember how horrified I was by Obama cartoons while I gleefully RT pictures of Trump. I have called his wife a gold-digger and have implied worse. I have a visceral reaction to Kelly Anne Conway, who truly turns my stomach. I would pretty much say anything about her or to her.

Of course the idea is that because I am right, because this is a nightmare of Presidency, I am entitled to do so.  I wonder if I am.  I assume that’s what Obama haters thought too.

Though I am strongly liberal and a registered independent, I am trying to read more objective publications. I think I have become addicted to Op-Eds that reiterate my own opinions back to me.

There’s comfort in that, in knowing that I’m right. And like a piece of chocolate cake, there’s nothing wrong with periodic indulgence.

But I am a whole cake eater from way back. More has always been my mantra. That’s my problem.

This is not about resistance fatigue. This does not mean that I don’t see Trump and his merry band of racists and lunatics for what they are. It’s kind of my way of avoiding Mitt Romney syndrome. Remember how crazed the Republicans were when he lost? That’s because they never considered any information outside their own views.

Sadly,  I don’t know if there’s much we can do to stop this disgusting excuse for a human being who has taken over our country.  I honestly check the news everyday, hoping this obese, petulant senior citizen has had a heart attack or stroke. I search diligently for evidence of his collusion – evidence so compelling – as to force his administration out.

Impeachment doesn’t seem likely with in the GOP in control of Congress. That’s why I’ve pinned my hopes on 2018. IMHO, flipping the house is best shot we’ve got.




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