Is Jesus the New Anti-Reagan?

There is an inexpiable change in tone from the party that glorified Reagan to the party that now glorifies Trump.  Reagan called Russia the “Evil Empire” and related his opposition to his faith in Jesus Christ.

Here’s a tweet from Franklin Graham, an evangelist who currently campaigns for Trump:

So how does this reconcile – both with the Bible and Reagan’s reputation?

Reagan was President of the Actor’s Union during the McCarthy era and refused to provide names when called to the committee. He was very anti-Russia until the fall of the Soviet Union. Then he worked with Gorbachev to create a historic nuclear arms agreement.

But do Republicans really think Ronald Reagan would climb on board with Vladmir Putin? Probably not.

Here’s President Reagan’s son Michael during the campaign:

This is from an article on the right wing site :the blaze

But are they desperate to maintain of the White House? Apparently so. Here is Michael Reagan, the alleged keeper of his father’s legacy, just recently:

So it seems that even President Reagan’s own son will throw his dad under the bus to support a man with verified connections to the Russian mob.  To quote 45: SAD!

If you’d like a simple but factual article about all Trump’s Russian connections, this one is great!

The Jesus Angle

Evangelical Christians were the clear leaders in pushing Trump’s nomination.  (So all our concern about giving churches the right to politicize their pulpits is water under the bridge.)

Clearly Franklin Graham and other “Christians” like Liberty University’s Jerry Falwell Jr have found a way to be okay with Trump’s serial adultery as well as

  • His attempts to bed a married woman.
  • His willingness to force himself on women because of his “star” status.
  • They don’t mind he liked to walk in on half dressed teenagers at beauty pageants.
  • His documented lust for his own daughter

That in itself is confusing. But Evangelists seem to be more aligned with conservative politics – punishing the poor, refusing healthcare to the sick, trampling the meek, worshiping money – than the teachings of Christ.

But Russia presents a different problem. Because this isn’t about finding a scripture from Leviticus or some other old Testament quote, it’s about the murder and persecution of Christians for their faith.

Killing Christians is on the rise in Putin’s Russia:

So how do these devote “Christians” justify their support for hoodlums and thugs who are dedicated to killing their own kind?

You’d think this might be as big of an issue as the War on Christmas? But even Bill O’Reilly hasn’t mentioned it.

In fact, Jerry Falwell Jr recently said that Trump was his “dream president” Of course, that was after Trump put him in charge of a task force on higher education. No quid pro quo, of course. Just a coincidence.

And Franklin Graham is willing to go even farther.  Trump, he claimed is the equivalent of Moses or David.

Christ descended from the House of David.  So Graham is saying that though “Trump is flawed,” he’s is on par with the Messiah’s familial line.


Is it any wonder Christian churches are losing members faster than Republicans are cutting poor people from healthcare?  For two guys who are allegedly dedicated to the salvation of our souls, it’s looking a little grim.

If you don’t follow Revelation or the “End of Days”,  Jesus said the first sign would be many false prophets who arise and deceive people in his name.

Just saying. Take care of yourself.


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