I have two books out and two more in the works. Hope you will give the books a try. Please let me know if you like the work.

No New Messages stars

no new messages-cover pat tiffin

no-new-messages-paperback pat tiffin

How would you feel if on September 10, 2001, you had a terrible fight with the one person you loved the most?

Then he got up in the morning, went work and never came back?

This is the story of a marriage that was permanently interrupted at the worst possible moment ever. In the worst possible way.

His death is her fame. Everyone wants to tell her where they were, what they were doing when it happened.  She can’t hide and she can’t tell.

It’s a quirky Southern town, an unlikely friend and a lost and found dog that finally give Susan the chance to let go and live.

Get the eBook Here

Now available in Paperback

Watching Vanessa –wv-stars


The four of them have been friends for a long time. Every month, they get together for lunch in Manhattan – – Annie, Oola, Vanessa and Kate.

Kate is the wild child. Divorced, bold, sometimes bitchy, drinking is her favorite sport.  But when Vanessa’s new boyfriend Jake goes beyond clingy and heads into crazy – he meets his match in Kate.

She plays a dangerous game, stalking the stalker, as Jake plots his humiliating revenge, forcing her to face her demons once and for all.

The friends come together but Kate will stand alone in an epic confrontation that she knows she may not win.

Get a paperback here 


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